During total automation, there are times in lives when they are too lazy to even leave the house. Food can be ordered on the Internet, all the equipment is turned on from the remote, so all you have to do is lie down and press the buttons, and live communication can be easily replaced by social networks and messengers. 

Today, people do not need to do almost anything to survive. He eats his fill, and if something is not there, it will not be a problem to get it. But such a life necessarily leads to degradation. Such a squishy person will not be able to provide anything when meeting a bully, but instead of somehow define you in this world, he simply runs home and sits down at the computer. To adequately respond to the offender, it is necessary, for example, to go to the gym and work, but instead, he will complain right and left about the injustice of the mortal world.

Why is this happening? Yes, because a person has no motivation or it is so weak that it can not even make you get up from the couch and start acting. 

What arer is motivation and how to bring it into your life? This is what we will talk about today. 

As you know, personal live is a continuous path from negative to positive, from bad to good, from bad emotions to good. Well, at least the desire for such a path. In a mentally healthy person, the mind works on this principle. Therefore, we will use it today and set a goal to motivate our physical, spiritual, and psychological development through meditation. Meditation allows you to motivate yourself not only in this regard but also in many others, for example, in a career.

Make yourself comfortable. Breathe evenly and calmly. Relax and spend a few minutes like this.

Try to remember a situation from your life, perhaps from your childhood or the distant past, when your physical strength did not allow you to do something important that you long ago wanted. Remember this situation in as much detail as possible to fully immerse yourself in the memory. 

Now remember the situation that happened to you recently and repeat all the above.

Next, you need to imagine your future and the situation in which you can not do something because of a lack of physical strength. 

Proceed to the most important thing. Imagine that you can freely fight back even the most inveterate bully and protect yourself and the people you love. Imagine that you have a strong-willed character that allows you to know your value and show determination at any time.

You can open your eyes. As practice shows, such meditation is quite effective and will allow you to conquer new heights.