Self-doubt is the main enemy of our ambitions, success, freedom of choice, and happy friendships as well as intimate relationships. When we do not believe in ourselves, do not trust our forces, our capabilities, we come to a dead-end! But not everything is as hopeless as it seems at first glance! The following steps will help you self belief define.

  1. Power of persuasion. Every day, when you Wake up, immediately catch the thoughts that appear in your head. If your thoughts in a negative way set you up for the fact that today, the same as yesterday, it makes no sense to take any action, then immediately get out of bed and go to the mirror. Smile and say: today is the best day for my victories and beginnings, today I will do everything that depends on me and change my life, as I want it myself.
  2. The power of compliments. When you go to work or any other place, always compliment yourself. There is absolutely no need to drag a cart of other people’s Affairs, problems for the sake of a couple of good words thrown to you on the machine by a neighbor, parents, peers, acquaintances. This step consists of two parts. The first part of the step is analyzing your best sides, the second part is sending yourself a compliment.
  3. The power of your new image. If You are not comfortable in the role that you are playing now for the people around you, then change, form a new or new yourself from the very beginning. Think about what you would like to do, where to go, how to look and start changing yourself, even if not immediately, but now you know exactly what you want. Total self confidence and everything will work out!
  4. The power of principles. Every person who goes up the ladder to success starts from a number of principles that are the basis of his worldview. To put it more simply, if you have determined exactly what you accept or do not accept, you can safely, based on the rigid backbone of your rules, realize yourself, without giving you the opportunity to influence you as before. For example, if you decide that you will never do a course for free to your friend, then once again she will not be able to make you work for yourself since you have made a tough decision and do not intend to change it.
  5. The power of deliberately raising your bar. Are you content with just small pleasures, inexpensive trinkets, cold communication with friends who need something from you endlessly? Are you afraid to make yourself the center of attention? It’s time to raise the bar! If you are constantly doing things you don’t like, afraid of someone else’s opinion, then this is the very moment when you need to Express yourself and raise the bar of your own expectations and ambitions. For example, if your friend or boyfriend is constantly late or makes you wait, then it’s time to show him that you have raised your bar, you no longer intend to tolerate it and proudly retire.


Everyone can truly become a free, self-confident person, it is important not to forget about self love therapy and cut off all attempts by others to return you to your original position, where they are commanders and you are a timid performer!