Personal qualities are a complex of complex components, both biological and socially determined components of the personality. In this article, we will consider the main qualities of a person. They demonstrate all the features of internal mental properties:

  • individual passage of internal mental and psychological processes within a person;
  • a complex of States and properties of an individual;
  • personality;
  • type of temperament;
  • behavior features;
  • the nature of communication and interaction with others;
  • attitude to yourself and others.

           Personal qualities of a person:

  • positive;
  • negative;
  • volitional;
  • professional;
  • moral qualities.

           Before proceeding to the analysis of certain aspects of the personality, it should be remembered that any classification in this matter and the assessment of personal qualities-very conditional. This is explained by the fact that everything in the world is relative, even the concept of good and evil. The division is based on generally accepted moral and ethical norms. Let’s assume that we will assign the word “conditionally” to each definition: conditionally positive, conditionally negative, and so on. For example, aggressiveness is a conditionally negative characteristic. It will have unpleasant consequences in one situation, but in a situation where you need to stand up for yourself, it will be the only correct one.

          Positive qualities of a person

Positive qualities of a person are a category of internal good of a person, which brings both to himself and others positive experiences and a sense of satisfaction. The full list of positive qualities will be impressive. Therefore, we will give only the main ones:

  • kindness;
  • tenderness;
  • industriousness;
  • patience,
  • responsibility;
  • peacefulness;
  • friendliness;
  • loyalty;
  • unselfishness;
  • honesty;
  • self-confidence.

          There are no ideal people: those who possess only positive qualities exist only in fairy tales. However, there are a lot of people in whom the positive qualities of a person prevail. Often the presence of these properties is the personal quality of the leader. Thanks to them, leaders are able to win over, gain trust, and lead.

          Negative qualities of a person

Negative qualities of a person are properties that are undesirable for the person and his or her surroundings and require correction. They are extremely numerous. Here are just a few of them:

  • lying;
  • hypocrisy;
  • rudeness;
  • laziness;
  • a tendency to depression;
  • aggressiveness;
  • hatred;
  • impatience;
  • passivity;
  • weak will;
  • cowardice;
  • touchiness;
  • untidiness.

          These and similar personal qualities of a person determine their corresponding behavior: the untidy will look untidy and recreate the appropriate atmosphere around them. Irresponsible – to work poorly and let yourself and the team down.

          For those whose character is dominated by the negative qualities of a person, there is good news: shortcomings can play the role of a” kick ” to a rapid leap forward and internal growth. This is available to everyone.

          Volitional characteristics

Let’s touch on the main ones:

          Purposefulness – a person’s focus on the selected result of the activity. This property is divided into a strategic variety and a tactical one. The first is generally the actions of a person with the presentation of their moral positions, values, and ideals. The second is the movement of the individual” step by step”, from one micro-goal to another, until the result is achieved.

          Initiative – a person’s focus on the manifestation of action. Usually precedes the beginning of the volitional act. This property is possessed by independent individuals. The initiative is associated with independence.

          Independence is the voluntary and active ability of a person to make decisions according to their principles and beliefs.

          Will – is not considered an innate quality, but is considered by psychology as a quality that is formed on the basis of a person’s personal choice.

          Professional properties

Professional qualities are influenced by such qualities of a person, which can be called: the personal qualities of a leader. There are several categories:

  • verbal component-is responsible for the ability to understand the meaning of information transmitted by words;
  • numerical-ability to quickly solve arithmetic examples in your mind;
  • trigonometric-ability to mentally see in two or three dimensions;
  • visual-attention to detail, equivalent to a children’s game ” find 10 differences»;
  • proofreading – ability to quickly correct words, numbers;
  • coordination-ability to quickly coordinate small and large motor skills of hands and feet;
  • visual – the ability to coordinate the direction of view with the movement of the legs, hands;
  • comparing – sensitivity to color and its shades, the ability to see and distinguish them;
  • trainee – ability to grasp the meaning, ability to reason, ability to make correct conclusions (General intelligence).

          Professional specialization

Each of these properties is considered in accordance with professional significance. For example, a person who is not able to distinguish colors (color blindness) is contraindicated for driving. The leading economist will not take a person with a low indicator of numerical ability.

          It is also necessary to list such qualities of the person, without which mastering professions in principle will be impossible:

  1. Properties of individual typological character (endurance, physical strength, lability of the nervous system) – in other words, stress resistance.
  2. Analytical properties that allow you to acquire unique abilities over time. Example: “technical hearing” – the ability to understand the cause of a mechanical failure without devices, only relying on experience.
  3. Mindfulness-directly depends on the interest and desire of a person to have up-to-date information about reality, to assess it adequately.
  4. Psychomotorik – special properties and perception of a person, which he is guided by when choosing the direction of action for the implementation of goals. It also includes the speed of analysis and the ability to quickly analyze the situation and make decisions. As practice shows, this skill is well trained.
  5. MNEMIC qualities. Associated with memory. Professional memory is also freely trained.
  6. imaginative Features – the ability to imagine and complex thought processes.
  7. strong-Willed qualities – they are not mandatory for every profession, but they are always necessary to overcome difficulties in the process of work.

Morality is a set of voluntarily accepted rules of a person, which has a determining value in the behavior of a person and his attitude to himself and others.

          What gives you knowledge about your qualities

Awareness and literacy in psychological matters are a kind of weapon. The ability to use it helps you avoid trouble and fight your enemies-both internal and external.

          Mastering knowledge in the field of personal qualities allows you to:

  • increase your own level of self-awareness;
  • a deeper understanding of society;
  • learn to set priorities correctly in relationships with others and build relationships with them.

          When applying for a job, when meeting a person of the opposite sex when interacting with people on the streets of the city at night is always the first task: find out who is in front of you is, what kind of man what he is. How to interact with it. And what this or that behavior tactic will bring in the end. It is impossible to understand the other without first understanding yourself. On the other hand, evaluating other people’s personal qualities allows you to compare yourself with them.